Official launch of the portal Da Se Zna!

We are happy to announce the official launch of the portal Da Se Zna!.

The portal was created to enable victims and witnesses to report cases of violence and discrimination against LGBTI people to LGBTI organizations in a secure manner. The goal of the organizations that launched this portal is to informSerbian society and to raise awareness about this serious problem that in turn will contribute into decrease of violence and discrimination towards LGBTI people.


Equal for Equal is the result of the collaborative efforts of several young participants of the Cultural Innovators Network(CIN). The Goethe Institut came out with CIN in response to the wave of protests that swept the nations surrounding the Mediterranean in 2011. CIN invited twenty young, socially involved people to join the first “learning journey” in 2012. It served as a platform for communication, exchange and learning provided for young, active, civil society members from Europe and the MENA region.

The founders of Equal for Equal come from a variety of backgrounds and stories. CIN provided them with a platform to express shared passions and goals. When discussing the nature of sexism in their respective countries, they first recognized the value of transnational women’s narratives. According to Equal for Equal’s website, “it is not only the obvious stories that show how a society deals with gender equality, it is also ordinary aspects of daily life that can teach us about the state of women’s rights. Equal for Equal makes everyday stories visible and provides an insight into the different social and political realities of women.” By promoting stories about women’s lives, Equal for Equal transcends the limitations of sexism and xenophobia, and fosters an environment of strength, courage, and humanity.

The Gender-Neutral Prefix “Mx.” Has Been Added To The Oxford English Dictionary, Because Not Everyone Is A Mr. Or A Ms.

Linguists have long debated prescriptive and descriptive models of language: Does the dictionary describe the words already in use or prescribe how we use them? The gender-neutral prefix “Mx,” which was already in use by some government forms and banks in the U.K. when the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) decided to include it, is a perfect example of the descriptive model.

Serbia: LGBT Organisations Sign Platform On Cooperation

BELGRADE – LGBT organisations on Thursday signed a platform aimed at establishing unity in the fight for the rights of LGBT persons, as well as cooperation with other organisations focusing on protection of human rights.
The platform was signed by a total of seven LGBT organisations, five of which are from Belgrade, while the other two are from Novi Sad and Sabac, respectively, said Boban Stojanovic, a representative of Belgrade Pride Parade.

The signing of the platform is one of the most significant events in the history of the LGBT movement whereby the movement commemorates 25 years of its activism.

Admission of new members in the Coalition for Equality STEP

Coalition for Equality STEP logo

Coalition for Equality STEP become more numerous by two organizations that share the values of the Coalition. The Coalition now has 10 organizations active in the area of four countries, expanding their field of action and becoming more active in promoting and protection of human rights.
Centre for Development of Civil Resources from Nis is one of the new members that promotes truth, justice, peace and equality as its basic values. They are implementing activities within following areas: human rights, transitional justice and activism of young people. CRCR mission is to promote human rights and freedom of expression through education, public debates and campaigns, art and culture. The aim is to create in future work a more open society, without repression, prejudices and taboos, based on responsibility and individual freedoms.

Macedonian Young Lawyers Association (MYLA) is nongovernmental, nonprofit and nonpolitical organization founded in 2004 as a professional NGO established with free association of citizens with aim to implement actions for full implementation of the rule of law principle, and enforcement of the contribution of young lawyers in the development of the legal profession in Macedonia through projects and activities. Strategic priorities of this organisation are promotion and protection of human rights and the principle of rule of law and Improvement of the position of the young lawyers.

Slovenian parliament votes to legalise same-sex marriage

Ljubljana (AFP) – Slovenia’s parliament voted Tuesday to legalise same-sex marriages and grant such unions equal rights to those of heterosexual couples.

The bill was approved by a vote of 51 to 28 in the 90-seat parliament. Five of the 84 lawmakerspresent at the session abstained.

The bill, proposed by the opposition United Left (ZL), was supported by the ruling coalition’s senior Miro Cerar Party as well as other centre-left parties.

Balanced screening on Freedom of Expression and Media in Kosovo

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Balanced screening on Freedom of Expression and Media in Kosovo given by Vjosa Osmani, MP, speaking on positive reforms but also on intimidation of journalists, threats and cases before courts on Kosovo.