Calendar of Pride Parades in Europe

This calendar is giving an overview of all major pride events taking place in the member countries of ILGA Europe over the following 12 months and is furthermore providing links to the specific websites of the events, which offer detailed information. ILGA Europe is an international non-governmental umbrella organisation compromising 407 organisations from 45 of the 49 European countries. It has been founded in 1996 and aims to establish a strong European voice for the rights of LGBT people. It does so by advocating for human rights and equality for those facing discrimination at the European level, before organisations such as the European Union, the Council of Europe, and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. The organisation furthermore strengthens the European LGBT movement by providing trainings and supports its member organisations on lobbying, fundraising and organisational development. Its activities have already done much to ensure greater awareness of sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination on the European as well as on the national level. Examples for these achievements are the lobbying for the inclusion of sexual orientation discrimination in the anti-discrimination provisions of the Treaty of Amsterdam, and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, as well as the contribution to the development of LGBT movements in Eastern Europe, which among other things resulted in the adoption of inclusive anti-discrimination laws in Croatia, Albania and Serbia.

Calendar of European pride events

On the website of  ILGA EUROPE, you can read more about all relevant news related to the same topic.

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