Awarded subgrantees

Media Monitoring – Before and After Pride Parade

Centre for political education – CPO from Novi Sad (in cooperation with Banat Media centre) and GOOSI – Organoisation for gay persons with disabilities from Belgrade, will jointly, during the months of May and June, do the press-clipping of several print and electronic media (selected pages of printed and selected programmes of electronic media – TV stations from Serbia), and monitor every use, or not-use of politically correct speech. Focus of our analysis will be the use of gender sensitive speech and behaviour of the media towards the LGBT population.

This project (analysis) will be conducted before, during and after planed Pride week in Belgrade, and we expect that above mentioned partner organisations will have hard work ahead, hawing in mind experience from last years attempts to organise Pride week when majority of political actors, individuals, right-winged organisations, informal groups had significant space in the media for presenting its position and discriminating LGBT population.

Women in Black – Solidarity with asylum seekers, activists and the LGBT community

Women in Black were established in 1991., and since the beginning of the work they are focused on human rights, the fight against all forms of discrimination and promote of equality. Activities include working directly with individual activists from disadvantaged social groups, work with groups, empowerment, taking out the problems in the public sphere, protest actions.

The Heartefact Fund – Establishing Ground for Memorizing LGBT History in Serbia

The project Establishing Ground for Memorizing LGBT History in Serbia is a multidisciplinary research action aimed at (re)discovering the history of homosexuality in Belgrade, Serbia and Yugoslavia and to question and challenge “official” histories and offer alternative understandings and narratives. Also, the aim is to contribute to creating the collective history of LGBT community thus supporting the struggle for LGBT rights and freedoms, while spreading the public awareness on history of homosexuality in Serbia thereby creating the local base, safe grounds and backup for further action. Besides, the intention is to motivate and include new actors, design and test new approaches and methods in the struggle for LGBT rights.

Sandzak Committee for Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms – Monitoring of court prosecutions of discrimination

Sandzak Committee for Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms in Novi Pazar started on 17.07.2014. with the implementation of the project “Monitoring of court prosecutions of discrimination”. Currently identifying instances of discrimination that will be tracked and analyzed, with special attention will be paid to the ways of public authorities are determined discrimination, how they get and classified the evidence in the proceedings, or whether the existing legal framework and human resources provide sufficient guarantees to investigate cases of discrimination and protect basic human rights.

The project will include cases from the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Novi Pazar (includes court unit in Tutin) and municipalities Sjenica and Prijepolje.

Q-Club – Prejudice should not judge

Q-Club is a group of people who face discrimination due to their health status but also for other reasons. One of the key principles of our work is the fight for equality and respect for minorities groups.

The project “Prejudice should not judge” is to prevent discrimination and increase tolerance towards people living with the disease, and their acceptance as equal members of society. A key outcome of this project will increase the visibility of legal mechanisms to protect against discrimination of people with the health condition which can be the basis of discrimination and support for the implementation of the Strategy against Discrimination. We also want to influence the change and adjustment of policies in certain areas.

Voluntary Firefighting Society Stanišić – The project aimed at preventing and reducing the level of discrimination and promotion of equality

Within project activities, the Society planned panel discussion on which participants will talk about position of women in professional firefighting units in Serbia, presence of women in this “dangerous” job, problems that women are encountered with, and ways to ease the access of the profession to women.

The panel discussion will include participation of Fire and Rescue Unit of PDSombor and Firefighter Unit of the City of Sombor.

Additionally, the Society planned demonstrative drill in the open, which will be promoted through means of public informing, posters and flayers. Even though activities are mainly intended for women as primary target group of project activities, the project won’t exclude men.

Association of Business Women – TRANSPARENCY IN RIGHTS

Association of Business Women – PAZ is implementing the project“Transparency in rights”under the Project the Coalition for Equality STEP “Civil Society Networking on Critical Human Rights Values in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo”, funded by the European Commission.

The project is aiming to create environment where active citizens are effective and efficient control mechanism, well informed about their rights and where the work of local self-governments is more transparent, responsible and efficient, with capacity to enhance women’s participation.

Activities that will be implemented have in their focus local community: firstly capacity building of the local CSOs, media and representatives of local authority. Seminars will be conducted in three municipalities- Beocin, Becej, Novi Knezevac with a goal to give knowledge and to create a partnership of local stakeholders in promotion of equality and anti-discriminative actions.