Voluntary Firefighting Society Stanišić – The project aimed at preventing and reducing the level of discrimination and promotion of equality

Within project activities, the Society planned panel discussion on which participants will talk about position of women in professional firefighting units in Serbia, presence of women in this “dangerous” job, problems that women are encountered with, and ways to ease the access of the profession to women.

The panel discussion will include participation of Fire and Rescue Unit of PDSombor and Firefighter Unit of the City of Sombor.

Additionally, the Society planned demonstrative drill in the open, which will be promoted through means of public informing, posters and flayers. Even though activities are mainly intended for women as primary target group of project activities, the project won’t exclude men.

Association of Business Women – TRANSPARENCY IN RIGHTS

Association of Business Women – PAZ is implementing the project“Transparency in rights”under the Project the Coalition for Equality STEP “Civil Society Networking on Critical Human Rights Values in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo”, funded by the European Commission.

The project is aiming to create environment where active citizens are effective and efficient control mechanism, well informed about their rights and where the work of local self-governments is more transparent, responsible and efficient, with capacity to enhance women’s participation.

Activities that will be implemented have in their focus local community: firstly capacity building of the local CSOs, media and representatives of local authority. Seminars will be conducted in three municipalities- Beocin, Becej, Novi Knezevac with a goal to give knowledge and to create a partnership of local stakeholders in promotion of equality and anti-discriminative actions.

Association Еpicenter

Association Еpicenter is implementing three-month project that aims to promote tolerance and equal opportunities for all young people, as well as raising awareness of young people about the violation of human and minority rights, anti-discrimination, inclusion and to involve Serbs and Roma youth from Vranje in joint activities in the local community. Education of 15 young people, teachers and parents through interactive, socially-engagedtheatrical performances that allow public discussion and open dialogue, we want to raise awareness among primarily young people and local authorities, institutions, parents and other citizens about the importance of inclusion of young people from different minority groups. By presenting a realistic picture of the life of young people who come from ethnic minority groups throughout the theater engaged in this project we will try to point out to young people from majority groups, local governments, through their institutions and parents to their problems and thus encourage better inter-ethnic understanding and greater tolerance among young people living in the area City of Vranje.

Safe Pulse of Youth – Analysis of the psychosocial situation of LGBT people in order to promote equality for LGBT people in Serbia

The project objective is to produce publication on the life experiences of young LGBT people in the context of stigma, discrimination and violence on a daily basis they experience in Serbian society and the consequences that this phenomenon leaves on young LGBT people lives.

Expected goal of the project is to draw attention to the general and professional public on the effects of stigma, discrimination and violence in relation to mental functioning of LGBT persons, sensitization and calling on prevention and protection from violence and discrimination against LGBT people.

The Hourglass – “From excluded to included”

People with mental and intellectual disabilities are one of the most vulnerable groups in the society. Discrimination against persons with disabilities is mainly realized through the process of legal capacity withdrawal, where they are being deprived of the majority of basic human rights, or those rights are being taken from their control, through a decision made in summary court proceedings, disregarding the basic guarantees of a fair trial. Project “From Excluded to Included”, implemented by Pescanik, has a long term goal to achieve full respect of the human rights of persons with mental and intellectual disabilities, on the state and society levels, in accordance with the EU standards. In order to draw the attention to the stated problem and make it visible to the expert and general public, Pescanik will record and broadcast four 20-minutes long audio reportages (interviews with people with mental and intellectual disabilities), and publish 5 exclusively written articles dealing with the problems of people with mental and intellectual disabilities, discriminatory process of legal capacity withdrawal, out-dated Serbian legislation, as well as negligent work and discriminatory attitude towards these persons.

Presentation of the project “Hourglass” and critical review of the work of non-governmental organizations as well as the current problems in Serbia hinder the improvement of human rights

At the press conference on which were presenting the projects of civil society organizations which was held at the House of Human Rights and Democracy, one of the speakers was Mrs. Svetlana Lukic from “Hourglass” from Belgrade, an organization, which continuously advocates the protection of human rights and the improvement of Serbia´s judicial system. The project “From Excluded to Included”, implemented with the financial support of the European Commission, aims at achieving full respect of the human rights of persons with mental and intellectual disabilities in the long run, on state as well as on society level. As a first step it wants to draw attention to the main source of discrimination against persons with disabilities, which is the process of legal capacity withdrawal. In order to do so, Pescanik will record and broadcast audio reportages and publish articles dealing with the problems of people with mental and intellectual disabilities, discriminatory process of legal capacity withdrawal, out-dated Serbian legislation, as well as negligent work and discriminatory attitude towards these persons. So far the project team has been extensively researching the project topic and met with potential participants for the audio reportage and arranged interviews. The activities will be finalized during September and October 2014. In her speech, Svetlana Lukic did not focus on the achievements of her organization, but critically examined the work of NGO’s and the current set of problems in Serbia, which hamper the improvement of the human rights situation in the country.

Citizens Association Lovefest Vrnjačka Banja

The project implemented by the Citizens Association LovefestVrnjačka Banja will be conducted during the Youth festival “Lovefest”, which during three days of tis activities gathers over 30.000 of young people from Serbia and a number of young people from abroad.A survey on the attitudes of young people towards socially vulnerable groups will be the central project activity. The focus of the project on this kind of survey is a result of long-term cooperation of the Association Lovefest and a number of young people in activities of promotion of tolerance and fight against hate speech among youth. This cooperation pointed to the fact that young people create their opinions towards socially vulnerable groups on the basis of the attitudes of representatives of groups that promote intolerance and groups that promote tolerance, while the actuallevel of their knowledge about the people that form the socially vulnerable groups is very low. It is expected from thisresearch to empirically confirm this fact and to highlight the need tofirst of all inform young people about the people from the vulnerable groups, erase prejudice and false negative informationabout these groups, and then promote tolerance and call upon young people to be tolerant.