Hate speech on Kosovo

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13 cases of hate speech reported on Kosovo since 2013 to Youth Initiatives for Human Rights Kosovo. Ethnic minirities are the target: Serbian, Roma, LGBT


Coalition for Equality STEP strongly condemns new death threats against activists of the Gay Straight Alliance and supports this organization in the application to the Ministry of Interior and every other relevant state institutions and authorities to immediately find the perpetrators of this crime and bring them to justice.

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) had informed the public on the 1st of April with the announcement about the repeated received death threats, this time via organization email. The latest death threats to GSA are the most brutal so far and they represent explicit calls for the killing and slaughtering of members of GSA, and “cleansing” Serbia of such organization.

STEP and GSA invite state and its institutions to clearly show the intention in efficiently devoting to systematic sanctions for threats and violence and protecting human rights defenders in Serbia.

LGBT Rights in Serbia: Legal Framework

Even though the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia does not specify sexual orientation as one of the bases upon which discrimination is prohibited, it does, in Article 17, state that before the Constitution and the law, all are equal, and thus all have the right to equal protection from discrimination. This is the starting