The Gender-Neutral Prefix “Mx.” Has Been Added To The Oxford English Dictionary, Because Not Everyone Is A Mr. Or A Ms.

Linguists have long debated prescriptive and descriptive models of language: Does the dictionary describe the words already in use or prescribe how we use them? The gender-neutral prefix “Mx,” which was already in use by some government forms and banks in the U.K. when the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) decided to include it, is a perfect example of the descriptive model.

Slovenian parliament votes to legalise same-sex marriage

Ljubljana (AFP) – Slovenia’s parliament voted Tuesday to legalise same-sex marriages and grant such unions equal rights to those of heterosexual couples.

The bill was approved by a vote of 51 to 28 in the 90-seat parliament. Five of the 84 lawmakerspresent at the session abstained.

The bill, proposed by the opposition United Left (ZL), was supported by the ruling coalition’s senior Miro Cerar Party as well as other centre-left parties.

To broaden and strengthen the front combating discrimination

Coalition for Equality STEP logo

Executive Director of the Center for Civic Education (CCE) Daliborka Uljarevic estimated that in Montenegro exists a strong xenophobia against the LGBT population, hatred and disdain towards women in socio-political life and lack of understanding of the problem of people with disabilities. She stated on the final conference of the regional project “Connecting civil society in the protection of marginalized human rights in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo”, entitled “Achieving equality in societies of the Western Balkans – traces STEP-a”, that in the fight against discrimination , LGBT rights advocacy and promotion of gender equality has developed a broad front of those who are empowered and prepared to cope with the problems of human rights and freedoms in Montenegro.

Director of YUCOM from Serbia, Milan Antonijevic, noted that the whole region’s most recognizable two topics are that are fighting with discrimination, and that are the problems of LGBT population and gender equality. Advisor to the rule of law of the EU Delegation to Montenegro Barbara Rotovnik emphasized that the civil sector has a key role in the fight against discrimination, and that their work is very different from the role of political parties, but it is inseparable from the political and socio-economic processes.

We are xenophobic towards LGBT population

In Montenegro there is a strong xenophobia against the LGBT population, misogyny towards women in the social and political life, lack of understanding the problems of people with disabilities, said the executive director of the Center for Civic Education (CCE), Daliborka Uljarević. CCE organized today in Podgorica the final conference of regional project “Connecting civil society in the protection of marginalized human rights in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo”, titled “Achieving equality in societies of the Western Balkans – traces STEP-a”

The aim of the conference is, as stated, to provide a review of the current situation in the implementation of anti-discrimination policy, the fight against homophobia and empowerment of women in public and political life in Montenegro through the prism of the results of projects that civil society organizations are carried out within the allocated sub-grants through regional project.

Former leader of the anti-gay organization got married to a man

Former leader of an organization whose slogan was “stop people who are attracted to the same sex”, entered into matrimony with his male partner. He has been several years openly gay, and in relationship with his partner Larry McQueen’s about a year. Smid was the director of organization “Love in Action” from 1990 to 2008, during which time he was trying to deny his homosexual tendencies.

“I had faith that I would be able to cope with myself. After a while I realized that that fight does not make sense. I do not have eternity in front of myself, and I do not want to spend the rest of my life repressing something that obviously cannot be suppress “, Smid said in a recent interview. The organization “Love in Action” came to public s attention in 2005 when they promoted a program in which it was claimed that they can change the sexuality of children at his early age.

Support Serbia in flooded areas

The number of the foreign currency account at which the assistance for the removal of consequences of the emergency situation can be deposited is 01-504619-100193230-000000-0000.

Payment instructions from outside of Serbia are available here.

Information on endangered areas you may find at:

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Pilot of “Air Serbia” left the trial, the High Court Apologizes

The first case which is conducted under the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination Pfajfer against Air Serbia yesterday was back in court – we left the courtroom together with our client. Captain Pfajfer has been more than five years in front of our judiciary and trying to find the satisfaction of justice, and the end of the trial isn’t in sight: Vice Chairperson of the High Court Jelena Stevanovic yesterday apologized to the pilot and perennial victim of discrimination Aleksander Pfajfer, because of all the unpleasantness that had during the six-year trial to Company “Air Serbia” in that court. Informal conversation was preceded by demonstratively leaving the trial by Pfajfer, where it is supposed to be heard.