Coalition for Equality STEP strongly condemns new death threats against activists of the Gay Straight Alliance and supports this organization in the application to the Ministry of Interior and every other relevant state institutions and authorities to immediately find the perpetrators of this crime and bring them to justice.

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) had informed the public on the 1st of April with the announcement about the repeated received death threats, this time via organization email. The latest death threats to GSA are the most brutal so far and they represent explicit calls for the killing and slaughtering of members of GSA, and “cleansing” Serbia of such organization.

STEP and GSA invite state and its institutions to clearly show the intention in efficiently devoting to systematic sanctions for threats and violence and protecting human rights defenders in Serbia.

Announcement: Political underrepresentation of women remains a problem in Montenegro


Coalition for Equality STEP, on the occasion of celebration of the 8 March, points out a fact that position of women in Montenegrin society is still far from declarative commitment of decision-makers on achieving gender equality and society of equal opportunities for both sexes.

Representation and status of women in social spheres in which decisions are being made remains unsatisfactory. It is of particular concern the approach of decision makers, who very slowly and reluctantly make and implement decisions when it comes to the improvement of status of women and implementation of equality policies.

Namely, although they constitute a majority of population of Montenegro, women are still underrepresented in decision-making places. The recent negative vote on amendments to the Law on Election of Councillors and Members of the Parliament, and rejection of amendments that were intended to improve position of women in political decision-making is only the most recent evidence of unwillingness of society to transpose the equality as a principle of gender relations from legal norms into reality.

Ovo je Prajd (This is Pride)

This is Pride: On Friday September 27th, Aleksandar Vučić, Serbia’s first deputy prime minister, called a meeting of the bureau  for the coordination of security services, during which it was to be decided whether the Pride March would be held on Saturday. The organizers of the Pride Parade announced that they were ready for it

GSA and YUCOM decry attack in Novi Sad

A group of schoolchildren attacked math professor Ivan Janeš Sunday night why he waited for his wife and child in the park near the railroad station, calling him gay. The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) and YUCOM say that this isn’t the first time that people have been targeted because of assumed sexual orientation and the misconception that reigns in society that LGBT persons look and act in a certain way.