Balanced screening on Freedom of Expression and Media in Kosovo

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Balanced screening on Freedom of Expression and Media in Kosovo given by Vjosa Osmani, MP, speaking on positive reforms but also on intimidation of journalists, threats and cases before courts on Kosovo.

Pilot of “Air Serbia” left the trial, the High Court Apologizes

The first case which is conducted under the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination Pfajfer against Air Serbia yesterday was back in court – we left the courtroom together with our client. Captain Pfajfer has been more than five years in front of our judiciary and trying to find the satisfaction of justice, and the end of the trial isn’t in sight: Vice Chairperson of the High Court Jelena Stevanovic yesterday apologized to the pilot and perennial victim of discrimination Aleksander Pfajfer, because of all the unpleasantness that had during the six-year trial to Company “Air Serbia” in that court. Informal conversation was preceded by demonstratively leaving the trial by Pfajfer, where it is supposed to be heard.

Legally-binding verdict in the “Caribic “ case: Appeal court affirmed discrimination

On 19.07.2013 , appeal court in Belgrade adjudged a legally- binding verdict in favour of the plaintiff Confidant for protecting equality and determined the existence of a direct gender discrimination by reversing the original verdict. This verdict has been brought to the volunteer examiners recently and they initiated the act for determining discrimination.

This verdict forbids the accused corporate society to repeat the discrimination act, in any way, while fulfilling its activities, such as job openings, employment etc. based on gender discrimination or any other. Corporate society is also obliged to publish this verdict in one daily newspaper with national circulation at its expenses, within 15 days of receiving a copy of the verdict.

Verdict was rached in the case of a physical attack in Novi Sad

Before the High Court in Novi Sad 13/11/2013. the public verdict accused S.S., which was found guilty of the criminal offense of Violent behavior and attempted murder.

The First instance court upheld the requirements of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office and the defendant was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of seven years – six years for attempted murder and one for violent behavior.

During sentencing, the court as an aggravating circumstance appreciates the fact that the attack was carried out in the full city bus transport, and damaged his actions did not cause the execution of these works. It also rejected the allegations of the defense that the defendant was in a state of mental incompetence due to abuse of alcohol and psychoactive substances, given that the defendant was fully reconstructed event. The fact that the defendant committed the offense because of perceived sexual orientation of damaged court didn’t valued as a special aggravating circumstance, given that the attack took place before the introduction of the institute of hate crimes in the system of legal protection


On September 202011, the basic (municipal) court in Belgrade accepted the claim of B.P.J, by which she sues the Volksbank a.d. Serbia in Belgrade for discrimination in the workplace.B.P.J. was employed at the accused from December 1st 2009. The claimant is a person with disability, she is deaf. On December 28 2010, her work contract was cancelled due to alleged lack of skills and knowledge, and failure to produce results.It is requested that discrimination by the accused against the claimant be confirmed, that compensation is issued for nonmaterial harm, and that the results of the case be issued in a widely circulated newspaper.

Gender Equality Directorate

Gender Equality Directorate Case

On 9th January 2011. the First municipal court of Belgrade took into consideration the complaint of Ljiljana Milutinovic. She claims that the following subjects discriminated against her (Republic of Serbia, Rasim Ljajic, Natalija Micunovic and Sneyana Lakicevic) and requests damages to be paid. Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM) is representing the claimant.

“Delta Generali” Insurance

The First Basic (Municipal) Court in Belgrade accepted on 17 May 2013 the claim by which Vesna Jovanović from Požarevac sues the insurance corporation Delta Generali Insurance, aiming to prove discrimination and obtain compensation because of the rights violation caused by this discrimination