“Delta Generali” Insurance

Case Number:  P–25743/13
Court: The First Basic Court in Belgrade
Judge: Jasna Lozuk
Claimant: V. J. from Požarevac
Accused: insurance corporation Delta Generali Insurance, Belgrade
The First Basic (Municipal) Court in Belgrade accepted on 17 May 2013 the claim by which V. J. from Požarevac sues the insurance corporation Delta Generali Insurance, aiming to prove discrimination and obtain compensation because of the rights violation caused by this discrimination.

V. J. began her employment at this corporation in December 2006. During the time of her employment the claimant suffered from heart disease, and had certain problems of a psychological nature as a result of her professional activities, and had been on sick leave since July 2009. The indictment states that when the accused learned of the health situation of then claimant, they asked her to sign an agreement about the cancellation of her work contract, with increasing pressure. The accused, on 13 September 2009, brought the solution to cancel the claimant’s work contract during her temporary inability to work, or during her sick leave. It is necessary to note that the claimant was at that time a single mother of a small child, and that this decision brought her very survival into question.

The basic (municipal) court in Belgrade accepted the claim and confirmed that the A.D.O. Delta Generali Insurance broke the law forbidding discrimination by putting the claimant in a disadvantaged position in relation to the other employees because of her ill health, and that the claimant thus suffered discrimination. The accused was responsible for compensating the claimant for the rights violations caused by discrimination the value of 400,000 dinars and to compensate her for her legal costs with corresponding interest rates. The ruling was served to the accused on 18 June 2013 and to the claimant 7 June 2013. The first hearing was scheduled for 26 September 2013.


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