Equality: Regulations and Reality

The Coalition for Equality STEP, with the aim of better and faster educating the participants of  two-day training seminar called “Equality – regulations and reality” in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo, published an eponymously named trilingual brochure. The brochures, in Serbian, Montenegrin, and Albanian, contain three main parts: Discrimination (the concept, the legal and institutional framework, and legal practice), the state of LGBT rights in the country, and the role of women in political life and decision-making.

All three brochures contain some added information specific to the country in question. The Serbian-language edition also includes a section on Judicial Monitoring for discrimination trials, which looks at the legal nature and significance of monitoring and guidelines for following these trials. The publication attached is the Serbian-language version translated into English.

The Montenegrin version of the publication describes the status of LGBT rights in the country and the involvement of women in public and political life. It also contains a short manual for founding and registering an NGO in Montenegro.

The Albanian version of the brochure, “Barazia – Ligjet dhe realiteti në Kosovë,” also contains an overview of LGBT rights, women’s political participation, and the political situation in Kosovo.

An English-language publication which will include all three brochures is currently in the works.

All brochures are available in electronic format.

Brochure SRB
Brochure MNE
Brochure KS


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