“Miredita, Dobardan” Festival – YouthBuild

Numerous analyses have shown that the greatest problem in the relations between different ethnicities in both countries is a lack of “real” communication and shared experience, which led to the situation where the only (or at least the most important) “reasoning” is based on prejudice.

 The project will consist of two components, building upon already existing cooperation and experience of Integra and Civic Initiatives.  Both components will reduce prejudices and stereotypes among Serbian and Albanian youth groups, as well as citizens of both nationalities. The project will reduce social distances among people that create a very fertile ground for discrimination.

 First component of the project will upgrade the Festival “Miredita, Dobardan” organized in September 2014 by Integra and Civic Initiatives. This festival engages activists and artists from Pristina and Belgrade in a peace building art project that has a significant political and social dimension in reforming the Serbian society on its path towards the EU.

 The second component of the Project will have look beyond existing initiatives and investigate the general atmosphere and specific conditions necessary for introducing new model of youth cooperation based on YouthBuild Program, with the guidance of Civic Initiatives as an organization that has shown to be the most successful in the region when it comes to implementing the YB.

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