No complains at Irinej

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Nevena Petrusic not received any complaint forĀ  homophobic and discriminatory statements of Serbian Orthodox Church prior to the year’s Pride Parade, which was signed by Patriarch Irenej , reported by Danas. As a reminder, the statement compares homosexuality with pedophilia, “massively popular in the western world” and incest.

“You have the right to parade, but only on its own cost and expense of their customers, no matter how they are called, both for the parade, and for security, but not at the expense of Serbia – bombed, destroyed, morally and economically crippled, impoverished, flood, nailed to the pillory, “it is said in a statement of SOC. Although many organizations, public figures, and some politicians condemned the statement of the SOC, the complaints were absent this time.

This was not the case last year, when several civil society organizations led by Labris, filed a complaint to the trustees for the statement of the then Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, who told on 23rd of September 2013 to the reporters: ” They are equal with other citizens, but do not tell me that this is normal when it is not. ” The Commissioner gave an opinion which is based on complaints against Dacic in which it stated that such discriminatory statements do not contribute to the development of tolerance and further deepening animosity and hatred towards LGBT people.

Commissioner recommended to Dacic that in the future makes no announces that is insulting the dignity of LGBT people and supports stereotypes towards homosexuals, and that with his actions he contribute to reducing homophobia, violence and discrimination and increasing tolerance towards this population, as well as all the other minority groups.




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