Pilot of “Air Serbia” left the trial, the High Court Apologizes

The first case which is conducted under the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination Pfajfer against Air Serbia yesterday was back in court – we left the courtroom together with our client. Captain Pfajfer has been more than five years in front of our judiciary and trying to find the satisfaction of justice, and the end of the trial isn’t in sight:

Vice Chairperson of the High Court Jelena Stevanovic yesterday apologized to the pilot and perennial victim of discrimination Aleksander Pfajfer, because of all the unpleasantness that had during the six-year trial to Company “Air Serbia” in that court. Informal conversation was preceded by demonstratively leaving the trial by Pfajfer, where it is supposed to be heard.

Alexander Pfajfer

Another trial Company “Air Serbia”, accused of perennial discrimination of pilot Aleksander Pfajfer, elapsed in a tense and inappropriate atmosphere. Although at the beginning it seemed that the incidents this time would be averted, the planned pilot Pfajfera hearing was not held.

After the judge Bozidar Vasic opened the main trial, Pfajfer agents, Natalia Solic from the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (YUKOM) and Vladimir Sekic, again suggested that the trial sound be recorded.

-We require recording, among other things to find all inappropriate statements and insults imposed on account of the pilot, but also us, lawyers. The offending party has submitted a submission in which they repeated the same insalts, for which you have fined them last time at the tria. Now is the time that about their inappropriate behavior notify the Bar Association of Serbia and Belgrade – stated Natalija Solic.

Vladimir Sekic, Natalija Solic i Aleksandar Pfajfer

Asked by the judge on which inappropriate statements is about,  the second pilot’s agent Vladimir Sekic answered.

– Your records do not show the actual course of the debate, which was evaluated by the Court of Appeals when he overturn your judgment. Let me remind you that in front of you in this court happened a nationalist outburst by the lawyer of the respondent company. About insults pronounced to me, is needless to say anything more – said Sekic.

– I do not remember such a failure – said the judge, trying to calm the situation and the atmosphere in the courtroom.

The statement, however, further angered the lawyers, and the pilot Pfajfer himself.

– I guess you do not remember, as soon as you didn’t mentioned as a single word in the previous sentence. Let me remind you that the President of the Court reacted after the incident, and that on the next trial sent a guards. Just because you do not remember the key things, we require audio recording, which you persistently refuse – said Sekic.

Then for a word asked and pilot Pfajfer.

– They for years harassing me in “Air Serbia”, calling me crazy and insulting on national and religious grounds. I spoke to the court to protect me, but in your courtroom, I also experienced to hear from the other side that I’m not a Serb, and this is Serbia. You about that haven’t even put together an official note. There is no more use to sit here – said visibly shaken Pfajfer and with his lawyers left the courtroom and headed to the office of the President of the court.

“Air Serbia” lawyer, Vladimir Gajic, who throughout the whole discussions held aside, was not able to refrain after Pfajfer leaving the courtroom.

– How such a man allowed to drive more than 200 people on the plane? I wonder whether present colleagues from YUKOM agreed to ride on – ironically commented Gajic, while in the audience were sitting interns and director of YUKOM, Milan Antonijevic. Because of these insulting comments, pilot lawyers announced the expansion of indictment.

Court Apologizes

Vice President of the High Court Jelena Stevanovic received Alexander Pfajfer and his lawyers on informal discussion. As ‘Blic’ finds out, in the name of the court, she apologized for all inconveniences that the pilot experienced in trials, and didn’t hide the surprise that the process takes six years. She informed Pfajfer that all complaints report to the President of the Court in wtitten form, as well as to check whether there are conditions for the audio recording of the trial.


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