Presentations in Montenegro

The Coalition for Equality STEP held five presentations in Montenegro about its aims and planned activities for 2013 and 2014.

STEP, a network of non-governmental organizations from Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo, was organized with the aim to fight discrimination on the regional level. In the first two years the coalition will accomplish its goals through the monitoring of discrimination trials, promotion of women’s participation in political life, and fighting against discrimination against members of the LGBT community. The Coalition is made of the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM, the Centre for Civic Education, Humanitarian Law Centre Kosovo, the Network for the Committees of Human Rights in Serbia – CHRIS, Gay Straight Alliance, LGBT Forum Progress, Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo.   

Presentations of the aims and activities of the regional project “Connecting civil society in relation to marginalized human rights in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo” were held in Kolašin, Ulcinj, Herceg Novi, Pljevlja, and Podgorica, led by STEP’s representative team (Petar Đukanović, project coordinator and Tamara Milaš, project collaborator from the Centre for Civic Education, and Zdravko Cimbaljević, director of the LGBT Forum Progress) with the help of local NGOs. In attendance were representatives of Montenegrin NGOs, local municipal institutions, individuals active in the area of human rights protection, and the media.

The basic principles of the Coalition’s work, its mission objectives, and a detailed plan of action were presented. Emphasized was the goal of strengthening the coalition and offering support to all interested individuals and organizations who wish to actively participate in the promotion of human rights and the fight against discrimination in Montenegro, but also to connect with similar organizations from the region, in order to join together in fighting for the advancement of human rights in the region. STEP’s support of NGO’s through training programs about running organizations and project management was outlined, as was information about the ten subgrants available for the best project ideas from NGOs in Montenegro, Serbia, and Kosovo.

Presentations in Montenegro were held in:

Kolašin: Cultural Centre Kolašin, April 9th 2013
Ulcinj: Conference hall NGO “Novi Horizonti”, April 10th 2013
Herceg Novi: Community centre ‘Stari Grad’, April 10th 2013
Pljevlja: “Sigurna ženska kuća” [Women’s Safehouse], April 11th 2013
Podgorica: Centre for Civic Education premisses, April 19th 2013

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