Projects supported in the framework of the Call for the CSOs in Montenegro

Journalist Investigation and Debate: Representation of Woman in Parlamentary Political Parties and their Governing Bodies, implemented by the Monitor’s Centre for Media and Democracy (MCMD).

The overall objective of the project is to strenghten human rights and democratic reforms in Montenegro through raising of awareness and fostering antidiscriminatory mechanisms in the society. In specific, the project aims to promote and improve position and representation of women in political and public life in  Montenegro, as  well  as  the  visibility  of  the  activities undertaken  to  meet  the  EU criteria  regarding  political representation of women. Estimated project results are: 1) Key issues related to the women representation in politics identified in three investigative articles and one supplement, as well as at the public debate, published by the weekly «Monitor»; 2) Improved transparency of the political party structures; 3) Increased   public    participation    and   support   for    the antidiscrimination   practices;   4)  Accelerated  democratic reforms and the EU accession process; 5) Enhanced capacity of MCMD and Montenegrin investigative journalism.

Within this project framework, the MCMD will conduct following activities: Journalistic investigation of the position of women in political life   in   Montenegro;   Publication   of   the   articles   (three investigative articles  and anylises concerning position of women in political parties in Montenegro, compared to the international standards and practice and EU requirements, with accompanying  recommendations  for  improvement  of  the current state of affairs in Montenegro); Panel discussion ‘The Position of Women in Political Parties in Montenegro’ with conclusions   and   recommendations;   Production   of   the supplement ‘The position of women in Political Parties in Montenegro’. Target groups of the project are: representatives of political parties, Parlament, Government, women involved in politics, the public at large. The project will last four months.

Contact person: Zoran Radulović, President

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