Projects supported in the framework of the Call for the CSOs in Montenegro

LGBTIQ visibility  against  homophobia,  implemented by the Montenegrin  LGBTIQ Association  ”Queer Montenegro”.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to a higher level od  respect of  human rights  of  LGBTIQ persons in Montenegro. In specific, the project aims to increase visibility of LGBTIQ persons in Montenegro, to boost public discussion on human rights of LGBTIQ people and to present artists and cultural  workers  focused  on LGBTIQ themes in their work. Estimated project results are: 1) Performance of the theatre show ”Merlinkina ispovijest” for two times in the Montenegrin National Theatre; 2) Three full lenght and ten short lenght movies dedicated  to/inspired  with LGBTIQ issues screened; 3) Three topic oriented panel discussions organized with at least four artists and cultural workers taking part; 4) At least 50 LGBTIQ persons and 250 persons from general population attended events; 5) At least 50 media media articles about events; 6) At least 10000  members of general population informed about events via media and social networks.

Within this project framework, the Queer Montenegro will conduct following activities: Marking of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia through performance of the theatre play ”Merlinkina  ispovijest” in the Montenegrin National Theatre on 17 May; Organisation of the three days long LGBTIQ movies festival  in Podgorica with  13 movies screened; Organisation of the three discussions on freedom of expression,  families  of LGBTIQ persons, and the art and culture as tools for fight against homophobia and transphobia; Organisation of the street compaign designed and implemented  by  LGBTIQ persons  in  Montenegro.  Target groups  of the project  are: LGBTIQ community and general population. The project will last three months.

Contact person: Danijel Kalezić, President of the Steering Committee

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