Q-Club – Prejudice should not judge

Q-Club is a group of people who face discrimination due to their health status but also for other reasons. One of the key principles of our work is the fight for equality and respect for minorities groups.

The project “Prejudice should not judge” is to prevent discrimination and increase tolerance towards people living with the disease, and their acceptance as equal members of society. A key outcome of this project will increase the visibility of legal mechanisms to protect against discrimination of people with the health condition which can be the basis of discrimination and support for the implementation of the Strategy against Discrimination. We also want to influence the change and adjustment of policies in certain areas.

The project includes implementation of the following activities:

• The organization of an open session on “The legal framework and enforcement tools against discrimination and protection of people whose health may be grounds for discrimination”, which will promote the legal framework of the Republic of Serbia for the prevention of discrimination in health care and a culture of tolerance towards vulnerable groups in society.

Implemented activities from 16.7. – 16.08.2014.

The Project “Prejudice shouldn’t judge” („Predrasude ne treba da sude“ ) has the goal to prevent discrimination and increase tolerance for people who live with deseases, and to promote their acceptance as equal members of the society. Implementation of the project started mid July 2014.

So far we have prepared the program of the open-session “Legal framework and implementation of instruments to fight against discrimination and protection of people whose health can be a base for discrimination”. This open session is planned to take place early September 2014 in Belgrade.

We have finished drafting the design of posters, leaflets and other promotional materials (roll-ups, banners, stands) which will be used within the campaign. We began preparations for implementing of the flash mob, which is also planned for early September. In addition we have planned to distribute the promotional materials to healthcare centers (clinics, hospitals, primary-health centers) in Belgrade.

Regarding the activity on providing adequate professional assistance, and referral to relevant institutions for protection against discrimination, we started informing potential beneficiaries and other organizations about availability of our services, and we are currently working with two beneficiaries on considering whether their predicament has basis for filing a complaint against discrimination.

Implemented activities from 17.08. – 17.09.2014. 

As part of promotional activities, from 12 to 17 hours on September 11, there was a street promotional event in downtown Belgrade at the plateau in front “Beograđanka”. 10 volunteers of organizations Q-Club and Chronos talked to citizens and distributed promotional materials. During the campaign 2000 leaflets were distributed. In addition, volunteers posted 50 posters on promotional sites within the Clinical Center of Belgrade, Faculty of Medicine, Primary Health Centres, and the Centres for Social Work.

Panel “Legal framework and enforcement tools to fight and protect against discrimination for persons with medical conditions that can be the basis of discrimination” was held on September 12 at the Media Centre in Belgrade. At the panel, in addition to representatives of Commissioner for Equality Protection, Yucom, associations Chronos and Q-Club,  35 representatives of various institutions and organizations attended (Ombudsman, Ministry of Health, UNDP, Ombudsman of Municipality Vracar, political parties, associations, patient’s and LGBT organizations ). Panel has the media coverage in the Dnevnik 1 on RTS and the INFO Biro service.

In two cases in relation to which we have filed the petition for discrimination, the existence of discrimination based on health status (HIV status) was founded by Commissioner for Equality Protection. Discrimination is committed by the two health institutions in Belgrade.

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