Sandzak Committee for Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms – Monitoring of court prosecutions of discrimination

Sandzak Committee for Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms in Novi Pazar started on 17.07.2014.  with the implementation of the project “Monitoring of court prosecutions of discrimination“. Currently identifying instances of discrimination that will be tracked and analyzed, with special attention will be paid to the ways of public authorities are determined discrimination, how they get and classified the evidence in the proceedings, or whether the existing legal framework and human resources provide sufficient guarantees to investigate cases of discrimination and protect basic human rights.

The project will include cases from the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Novi Pazar (includes court unit in Tutin) and municipalities Sjenica and Prijepolje.

Implemented activities from 16.7. – 16.08.2014.

Regarding the project „Monitoring of court prosecutions discrimination“ made a visit to the court (basic and higher) on the teritory of Novi Pazar (includes court unit in Tutin) for getting the information on whether the court shall keep seperate records of incidents discrimination. In this direction were obtained that the court does not have that special record, so that makes difficult to process the cases of discrimination. For the purpose of determining cases of discrimination we asked for help from a lawyer in the city of Novi Pazar. In an interview with the lawyers identified several cases that have a discriminatory motive, collected the existing documentation (lawsuits, criminal charges, decisions), which are being analyzed. Since the activity of the court in the month of August is slightly smaller due to the holiday season, it’s the schenduling and maintenance of the main debates in these cases is yet to come.

                In addition to criminal court proceedings are covered by the project and other procedures related to employment relations and more.

                Started the activities on the trial of criminal proceedings in the territory within the jurisdiction of the courts of the municipalities Sjenica and Prijepolje, where with the help of lawyers and citizens who have previously addresed the Board to provide free legal assistence to determine cases of discrimination, which will be monitored and analyzed, especially from the aspect of the court under this cases.

                The preparation of the drafting of leaflets (design), made the text, and the procedure is being developed test leaflets that will deliver to assess the acceptability of deigns, before releasing it to the press and sharing it to citizens in order to achieve the vision of the project.

Implemented activities from 17.8. – 17.09.2014.

Activities of the project were started on July 17 th 2014. Ending with on September 22 th 2014, and these activities are relised:

– The identification of the court of criminal cases involving crimes committed out of hatred, out of the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Novi Pazar, municipality Sjenica and Prijepolje.

– Made a complete analysis of court cases involving crimes committed out of hatred, an interview was conducted with the victims and their counsel,

Victim of judicial proceedings has been provided free legal assistance in order to these people protect their rights during the proceedings and to ensure the fairness of the proceedings,

-The leaflet is prepared, which was distributed to citizens in order to get familiar with implementation of the project and opportunities to address the Sandzak Committee for the protection of their rights,

introduced the activities of the project at a conference in Belgrade on 15 September 2014, where they presented the activities KorakHapiStep, which supports the implementation of the project.

– the preparation of the final report, which will contain the results of the research and the goals of the project

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