To broaden and strengthen the front combating discrimination

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Executive Director of the Center for Civic Education (CCE) Daliborka Uljarevic estimated that in Montenegro exists a strong xenophobia against the LGBT population, hatred and disdain towards women in socio-political life and  lack of understanding of the problem of people with disabilities. She stated on  the final conference of the regional project “Connecting civil society in the protection of marginalized human rights in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo“, entitled “Achieving equality in societies of the Western Balkans – traces STEP-a”, that in the fight against discrimination , LGBT rights advocacy and promotion of gender equality has developed a broad front of those who are empowered and prepared to cope with the problems of human rights and freedoms in Montenegro.

Director of YUCOM from Serbia, Milan Antonijevic, noted that the whole region’s most recognizable two topics are that are fighting with discrimination, and that are the problems of LGBT population and gender equality. Advisor to the rule of law of the EU Delegation to Montenegro Barbara Rotovnik emphasized that the civil sector has a key role in the fight against discrimination, and that their work is very different from the role of political parties, but it is inseparable from the political and socio-economic processes.

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Dan_To broaden and strengthen the front combating discrimination

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