Training Seminars in Serbia

Seminar KORAK

The Coalition for Equality STEP organized a two-day training seminar called Equality – regulation and reality in Serbia in 6 cities in Serbia. The aim of the seminar is to promote tolerance, equality, and non-discrimination, and is intended for human rights activists. The seminar is part of the activities of the Coalition for Equality STEP that include education (through the organization of thematic training seminars) and financing (awarding subgrants) during the 2013 and in 2014 for newly established and existing non-governmental organizations for projects in areas the coalition deals with.

The two-day training seminar included presentations by Coalition representatives, practical exercises, as well as discussions and an exchange of experiences on the topics of the seminar. The first day of the seminar is reserved for presentations such as Protection from discrimination – the legal framework and the response of the state and society, Cases of discrimination and legal assistance through advocacy, Anti-discrimination mechanisms – law, practice and answer of the judiciary, (In)equality and the position of the LGBT community in Serbia. After the first part a lot of time for in-depth, open discussion is provided, as participants are often stimulated by the presentations and have a lot of questions and suggestions for solving these problems in practice. On the second day of the training, participants learn more about writing and project management, and then participate in a workshop on the formulation of project ideas, which can further express their creativity and apply lessons learned. This part of the workshop also ended with a discussion and conclusions reached by the organizers through interaction with participants. The participants of seminars held so far have tried to point out all the most important problems faced by people exposed to discrimination in their local area, and then to give ideas on how they can contribute to the prevention of further discrimination.

The seminars were held :

  • In Novi Pazar, on 13th and 14th of June 2013 in offices of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). The representatives of Damad Cultural Center, Civic Forum, Sandzak Committee, Environmental – charities Zaman, Urban – In, Youth in action against violence and extremism, and other interested individuals participated.
  • In Pančevo, on 27th and 28th of June 2013 at the Cultural Center of Pancevo. On this occasion many representatives of various organizations responded to our invitation, including the Legal Clinic for the issue of discrimination, the Initiative for Inclusion “VelikiMali”, Refraction team, NOVA + Pančevo, “GOOSI” gay organization of persons with disabilities, Sloboda Prava .
  • In Bujanovac, on 9th and 10th of July 2013 at the Bujanovac Press Centre. The representatives of the Youth Build Team, Free legal aid, Civic Initiatives, Red Cross Bujanovac, Albanian National Council, the Municipal Assembly and many other civil society organizations took part.
  • In Novi Sad, on 18th of July 2013 in offices of the Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina. The seminar was attended by the representatives of non-governmental organizations from Novi Sad (Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre, Vojvodina Club, GRUBB…) as as well as young people who want to engage in activities that support the promotion and protection of human rights
  • In Zaječar, on 27th of August 2013 in offices of the Zaječar Youth centre. The representatvis of the Zaječarska inicijativa, Kokoro Bor, Društvo MNRO, Udruženje prijatelja i dece Zaječar, Resurs centar Bor and othet civil society organizations took part
  • In Šabac, on September 13th 2013 in the Youth Councile ŠabacBesides representatives of thes Duga NGO, number of young people who want to engage in activities that support the promotion and protection of human rights took part

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