Verdict was rached in the case of a physical attack in Novi Sad

Before the High Court in Novi Sad 13/11/2013. the public verdict accused S.S., which was found guilty of the criminal offense of Violent behavior and attempted murder.

The First instance court upheld the requirements of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office and the defendant was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of seven years – six years for attempted murder and one for violent behavior.

During sentencing, the court as an aggravating circumstance appreciates the fact that the attack was carried out in the full city bus transport, and damaged his actions did not cause the execution of these works. It also rejected the allegations of the defense that the defendant was in a state of mental incompetence due to abuse of alcohol and psychoactive substances, given that the defendant was fully reconstructed event. The fact that the defendant committed the offense because of perceived sexual orientation of damaged court didn’t  valued as a special aggravating circumstance, given that the attack took place before the introduction of the institute of hate crimes in the system of legal protection.

We remind that the attack was carried out in June 2012th in the city bus transport in Novi Sad, when the defendant first with fists, and then with a knife attacked the injured – two brothers, thinking that one of them “takes” on him. On this occasion, one of the victims sustained serious injuries.

Lawyers Committee for Human Rights YUCOM, which in this case represents the damaged assessed response by the relevant authorities as well as timely and imposed penalties proportional to the offense.

An effective response by police and prosecutors and the appropriate response of the court are necessary in all cases of attacks on the physical integrity of citizens, especially when it is motivated by hatred, chauvinism, homophobia and discrimination.

Lawyers Committee for Human Rights continues to provide legal assistance to victims of human rights violations and to monitor the work of the competent authorities which are required to ensure the unhindered enjoyment of the fundamental rights of all citizens.

Lawyers Committee for Human Rights YUCOM



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